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How to choose a reliable supplier of high quality panel lamp

  Now LED lighting products for its energy-saving, environmental protection has been recognized, and because LED lighting products prices have fallen to the ordinary people can be accepted, so LED lamps have been very popular. Especially LED panel lamp products have entered the homes of ordinary people. But for LED lighting engineering and LED lamp foreign trade companies on the need of high quality, good stability, long warranty period led lamp products. So for LED and LED flat lamp lighting engineering business foreign trade companies choose a high-quality panel lamp supplier is a big problem.

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  Xiao Bian is very happy to introduce from the following several points to choose how to select high-quality panel lamp suppliers

  1 the location of the supplier of the panel lamp

  The LED lamp manufacturers are mainly distributed in the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta, especially the 80% LED lamp manufacturers gathered in the Pearl River Delta region, such as Zhongshan Ancient Town, Foshan, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Huizhou and other regions. As everyone knows Zhongshan Ancient Town, Foshan area manufacturer is a product of low price advantage, mainly is the target market in the Home Furnishing lighting the market, therefore the LED lighting engineering company and foreign trade companies in the region led lamp manufacturers will not choose the best supplier of them. But in Guangzhou, the Shenzhen area manufacturers products prices higher, at the same time because the reliability of pay more attention to the quality, so the area of the panel light manufacturers will be more optimized the choice.

  2 panel lamp suppliers can provide authoritative safety certification

  LED flat lamp products is an electrical products, so it is necessary to exactly meet the requirements of safety regulations. Such as CE, ROHS, SAA, C-TICK, etc. a series of safety certification. Especially foreign authoritative third party safety certification certificate issued certification agencies, such as the European TUV certification institutions, SAA certification agencies in Australia, and the United States issued UL certification certification certificate. If the panel lamp suppliers can provide a series of certification authority issued by the authority, its reliability is relatively strong.

  3 panel lamp price level

  As the saying goes, a penny goods. So the product price level of suppliers also can look out the specific product quality is reliable. The ultra low price certainly can not ensure a good quality products. Such as tax price less than 140 yuan with a 36 watt 600x600led lamp, then we certainly can not imagine how to give to guests is a stable and reliable quality, no stroboscopic, and reliable products for more than 3 years warranty period.

  4 sample test

  We are going to choose a long-term and stable cooperation panel lamp supplier, next is one of the important is to buy some samples to test the performance of specific products, it is best to purchase in advance, do durability test for a long time, in the short term to see whether the sample without blinking, light is uniform, brightness is the Lord is not enough, there is no dark zone and black spots, the lamp body is solid, the lamp body heat is guaranteed.