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LED industry to develop small and medium enterprises indispensable

  Economic development is inseparable from the participation of small and medium enterprises

  LED industry from the current market heat, whether it is from the Home Furnishing lighting, commercial lighting and intelligent lighting engineering field or field, all belong to the Chaoyang enterprise, competition, growth space is large. LED lamps and lanterns with its energy saving and environmental protection characteristics as a good substitute for the traditional incandescent lamp for all walks of life. And energy-saving lamps subsidies from the beginning of 2008 coming to an end, the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of finance is the study of LED lighting products subsidies, subsidies and efforts will be combined with the characteristics of the form LED lamp in energy-saving lamps will be adjusted on the basis of. However, it is puzzling in the presence of so many favorable circumstances, recently, the Shaanxi Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau of the province within the scope of the second quarter of this year production and product distribution of checks, only to find that the “made in Guangdong” unqualified rate firmly occupy the half of the country. In fact, as the lighting of the hometown - Guangdong, many SMEs are facing unprecedented difficulties - difficult employment, financing difficulties, increased costs, and so on, many small and medium enterprises struggling, struggling to support.

  National economic development, industrial restructuring is inevitable. The rise of a brand will inevitably lead to collapse, other brands or even disappear, the survival of the fittest, the law of the jungle in the market competition has already become a consensus. At present, China is in a critical period of industrial upgrading and transformation of small and medium enterprises, many small and medium enterprises to achieve this transformation need more financial support, in fact, the most small and medium-sized enterprises is the lack of funds. No technology can learn, can be introduced, there is no money, it is difficult. As the backbone of the national economy and social development, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) play an important role in solving employment and maintaining stable economic growth. Therefore, in dealing with the problems of small and medium-sized enterprises, we should objectively recognize the role of SMEs, and properly handle the problems encountered in the process of transformation of smes. There is a saying in the Bible: “Whoever has it, he will give it to him, so that he may be rich.” Later, sociologists have summed up this phenomenon as “Matthew effect”. Which means that the poor poorer, the rich richer. This is also the case when the various countries to develop policies to avoid. Therefore, some experts suggested that in this problem with LED enterprises, more attention should be paid to the balance, rather than blindly support outstanding enterprises, small and medium sized enterprises “laissez faire emerge of itself and perish of itself”.

  The price of LED lighting products has reduced the convenience of consumers, but also further promote the production enterprises to improve production technology, improve product quality. Here, I just hope that all manufacturers between, reduce production cost and improve product quality does not exist without contradiction can be adjusted, to win the market, rely on the promotion of technology to reduce the cost is the right path. Also hope that the relevant departments in the formulation of relevant policies, to provide more convenience for small and medium enterprises.