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Market penetration of smart home lighting transformation

  Although the LED industry competition, consumers are still buying traditional lighting products, but LED lighting in Home Furnishing lighting, engineering lighting, commercial lighting and intelligent lighting field has no permeability unexpectedly showed a rising trend, many dealers also began to reduce to Home Furnishing lighting, commercial lighting and other fields of the traditional purchasing proportion. This is undoubtedly the LED lighting industry has injected a shot in the arm, It is all up with traditional lighting products, the future will be replaced by LED products. In the home lighting market, but gradually set off a smart lighting, the trend of the wind, home lighting has become the next intelligent lighting manufacturers compete for new positions.

  According to experts predict that in 2014 the price of LED will decline by about 20%, the price of LED lamps will be reduced to a level comparable to the traditional lighting products, and even more advantages. According to statistics, the current penetration of LED in the family home lighting has reached 10%, and showed a sustained rise in the state. It is estimated that by 2018 or so, the trend of replacing traditional lighting with LED lighting will be gentle. The sharp decline in prices for LED products to replace traditional lighting products, providing an economic basis.

  Under the premise of the industry market segmentation, the decline in the price of LED lighting products will undoubtedly bring to the traditional lighting market can almost be called “catastrophe” impact. With the further intensification of market competition, some large manufacturers began to look for other ways, such as intelligent lighting“. Electric lighting industry belong to the first group to enter the field of manufacturers, companies invest a lot of money for research and development of intelligent products, has made gratifying achievements, to LED ceiling lamps, for example, has achieved the remote remote control switch, arbitrary dimming function. It can be said that the price war appears to stimulate the emergence of intelligent lighting. At present, more and more enterprises begin to layout intelligent lighting market, more intriguing is that many manufacturers have chosen from home lighting market as a breakthrough. Visible, home lighting intelligent has also been from the fantasy stage to the real world.

  An interesting study shows that the lights can be emotional about, warning, and regulate the physiological role of the law, such as in the library on the ceiling to add some light blue background helps to improve learning efficiency. ”The intelligent lighting system, breaking the traditional single color lighting market, single brightness defects, intelligent control system and the low cost, low power consumption and light color adjustable is catered to a group of high quality of life Home Furnishing intended to create consumer demand. Once the successful penetration of smart lighting into the field of home lighting, then there is reason to believe that a higher level of smart home era, has not far away from us.