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Off-season is not light, LED enterprise itself is the key

  Review: according to statistics in the first quarter of 2014, China's LED industry output value reached 74 billion 680 million yuan, an increase of 25.9%. But in June the Guangya Exhibition, LED industry into the off-season, however, the real situation is involved in the LED Home Furnishing lighting, commercial lighting and intelligent lighting field, still hot anomaly, “off-season” has become the mainstream.

  LED manufacturers generally believe that 2014 is a crucial turning point in the development of LED lighting industry. Its root lies in the implementation of the national policy on line. LED industry pick up, in September last year, the market started in May and June this year has been started. And whether the market feedback or sales quotas, far more than expected. Traditionally, after Guangya Exhibition industry, into the off-season, the enterprise shall be dormant, waiting for the arrival of the “golden nine silver ten”. This year than in previous years, but some abnormal, in fact, from the policy changes at home and abroad and economic forms, from the IPO to the Internet to restart the “enclosure”, from mergers and acquisitions to fight the enemy separately, hold together, where there is a “low season” sign?

  The spring of 2014, LED industry development frenzy of hitherto unknown industry merger integration, emerge in an endless stream smoke four, large, small and medium-sized enterprises involved, the price war is not lasting, typically at this stage. In fact, in the first quarter of 2014, China's LED industry output value reached 74 billion 680 million yuan, an increase of up to 25.9%. At the same time, the support of national policy, but also lead to a fuse of this phenomenon, “Chinese phasing out incandescent roadmap”, “semiconductor lighting industry planning”, “Chinese gradually reduce the mercury content of fluorescent roadmap” such as the introduction of the policy, for the development of the LED industry provides a useful addition. In February 19th, the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of industry and Information Technology Organization issued the “notice” issued on the 2014-2015 energy saving technology special action program, which clearly pointed out that the major energy-saving emission reduction technology encourages semiconductor lighting with a clear prospect of the industry, encourage enterprises to increase investment in research and development, through technological innovation to further expand market share. With the gradual expansion of financial subsidies, but also to add a fire.

  Compared with 2013, the progress of LED technology is to provide a good technical foundation for the development of the industry, the product line was further developed, new products Home Furnishing lighting, commercial lighting, engineering lighting and intelligent lighting field, the emergence of new technology, the price fall, despite the current fierce competition in the industry, fortunately the the industry is still showing a trend of rapid development, the industry broad prospects.

  The light is not short off-season, the key lies in the enterprise itself, the rapid expansion of LED industry market size, to the next 3-5 years in the industry will not be in smooth water to build the brand, opening up new channels, become every enterprise in the face of common topic, how will the “off-season” into “season” in enterprises. According to their own advantages and disadvantages and the development trend of the industry to choose the most suitable for their own development path, through the quality of the product market is the prerequisite for the success of the future.