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Sales season is about to hold together heating difficulties

  The LED and the lighting industry sales season, whether it is commercial lighting, Home Furnishing lighting, or lighting and intelligent lighting engineering field, again facing new challenges, although the LED market will maintain rapid growth in the next three years, but it is not for the upcoming off-season sales difficult impact too much. Manufacturers and channel distributors have lamented that the business is difficult to do. In the face of the plight of the industry, the strategies adopted by the enterprises are not the same. The reason is that the industry overcapacity caused by vicious competition among enterprises.

  In fact, the second quarter of this year, the performance of the LED industry is not good. According to statistics, Taiwan LED manufacturers in May revenues of NT $10 billion 967 million, of which 8 Taiwan LED chip companies total revenue of NT $5 billion 20 million, an increase of 19.6%, up 7.8%; 9 LED packaging companies total revenue of NT $5 billion 947 million, an increase of 9.4%, growth of 0.15%. However, the domestic lighting enterprises are facing internal management problems, frequent domestic trouble and foreign invasion “, external sales blocked etc.. The industry overcapacity caused by vicious price competition, the downstream enterprises profit margins have been seriously squeezed, but, with the development of the LED industry, many ”outsider“ giant will not hesitate to cross into the LED industry, further intensified competition in the industry. The decline in prices, directly led to the decline in product quality. The product homogeneity serious, product positioning is not clear, and other factors, and further make the LED enterprise sales pressure, difficult to survive.

  Recently, the industry there were certain corporate executives to resign, a takeover of the business news, this is a wake-up call for many small and medium enterprises, LED industry over investment in the industry in the downstream enterprises to pile up in excess of requirement, lower technical barriers will face the fate of being eliminated. On the other hand, some experts pointed out that the giant frequently initiated industry integration, which for small businesses is not a way out, the future development of the LED industry situation is excellent, for this with the production of R & D strength of enterprises is a good opportunity, but it is a big challenge for small enterprises no R & D strength, it is destined to end in the industry. Centralized integration, complementary advantages, not only can enhance their competitiveness, at the same time, to further improve the industrial chain, regulate the market structure, can play a positive role. Or is the middle and lower reaches of the whole industry chain enterprises to cooperate, ”heating“ resource sharing, combined into an independent production chain, thus forming a closed loop production by ”material suppliers - Business - distributors - terminal customers“.

  In order to break through the layers of restrictions, have to choose a way of public enterprises, cooperation is to develop, or merged to become a vassal of large enterprises, or to develop new fields and new markets, is each enterprise has to face the problem.