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LED light source market needs a comprehensive policy support for hot

  LED light source market how hot? With the classic sentence, where the need for light, where there is a large number of LED light source for sale. A variety of brands, a variety of appearance, only unexpected, did not do. However, in the face of such a hot market, many manufacturers whether the stolen music it?

  As we all know, LED light source is the most widely used in the field of commercial lighting and home lighting. In view of all countries in the world have gradually began to ban 60W and more energy-saving lamp import and sales policy, LED lighting is a fire, the big giant, heavily settled cross-border, veteran manufacturers outdone, have resorted to the price war of this flag, the LED light source as if the market exploded, I can not help but sigh the popularity of LED lighting, not far away.

  Market regulation has its lag, at present, the LED light source market hot, fierce competition between the various manufacturers is more don't want to lose this market based on LED light source, so that at the “peibenzhuanyaohe”. And because most consumers lack of awareness of LED, often can not distinguish the quality of LED products on the market is good or bad, there is no unified government policy standards. So that LED light market competition is becoming increasingly intense. Take the recent popular smart lighting, in the beginning, only a few major brands have been involved in the blink of an eye, the market can be seen everywhere on the promotion of intelligent LED lighting products.

  LED light source market situation is good, but overcapacity, there is no uniform standard for the constraints, the entire LED market development pattern is always unfavorable. It is understood that the Taiwan Inspection Bureau of standards in this month will begin to implement the LED lighting mandatory inspection, inspection and sale is verified, according to law, penalties will be fined NT $200 thousand, more than 2 million yuan. The introduction of this measure is believed to have a positive effect on the market of Taiwan LED light source. On the other hand, in order to maintain the competitive advantage in the LED market, various manufacturers have adopted the merger and acquisition integration, which makes the whole market chaotic. Coupled with frequent product quality problems, therefore, the policy support is the key to popularity.

  LED light source because of its environmental protection and energy saving, good color rendering, high light efficiency is considered to be the perfect alternative to traditional energy-saving lamps. A few years ago due to the limitations of technology and materials, the cost is more expensive, the market price is almost ten times the ordinary energy-saving lamps, and therefore do not have the conditions of popularity. In recent years, with the development of technology, LED lighting product line has become full, the price also falls again. Therefore, the popularity of the basic conditions have been met, but also due to the gradual liberalization of energy-saving lamp products for the LED light source products to create a universal premise. However, the real make LED light source, still need policy support, for businesses, consumers. For example, to develop a unified standard for the products not up to standard sales, for example, the LED light manufacturing enterprises implement the corresponding subsidy policies, such as tax breaks, for consumers, can be implemented with old change new, or the market price down to ordinary energy-saving lamp standards etc..

  Promising, competitive, chaotic pattern, the quality of products on the black list. There are currently LED light source market, only rely on the self adjustment of the market is not enough, also need policy support, only “two hands” operation at the same time in order to ensure the stable development of the market towards a positive direction. LED products will be stable and orderly popularization.