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LED industry is facing a challenge to focus on the advantages of breakthrough

  LED industry in recent years continued to heat up, competition has become increasingly fierce, in the period of transition from traditional lighting to LED lighting, LED lighting enterprises are facing many challenges, whether in commercial lighting, lighting engineering, lighting is now increasingly hot even Home Furnishing intelligent illumination field, both staged a merger drama. Companies are also aware that only the focus can be able to break through the advantages of competition.

  1 excessive competition

  LED industry excessive competition in recent years, not only did not slow down, but it is to increase the intensity of competition. The reason is not unrelated to the policy, more importantly, in this critical period of excessive, want to get development, we must have enough market share to support. And want to get the favor of the market, not only by products, traditional channels, electricity supplier channels must also have a certain scale. Only a single model of the past is clearly not suitable for the current market conditions. This led to the excessive competition in the whole industry chain increasingly intensified.

  2 industry chain is not mature

  LED industry continued to segment the market, on the one hand, some enterprises have been developed, on the other hand, resulting in the absence of a unified standard LED industry more confusion. Inferior products flooding the market, coupled with people not from the traditional lighting LED lighting is fully transferred to the camp, in the promotion of a wide range of applications in the process there are still some resistance, makes the enterprise want to quickly occupy the market at the same time also makes people to said of an aged person, to circulate on the market LED products are full of distrust and rejection. LED lighting products the price is higher than traditional lighting products. In the absence of professional knowledge under the premise of how many people are willing to spend more money to buy inferior products? Therefore, the immaturity of the industry chain is another challenge for enterprises.

  3 cross border threat

  Usually, we want to gain a competitive advantage, will focus on the whole supply chain, from upstream suppliers to end customers will carry out thorough analysis, at the same time we substitute usually has a clear understanding, for example, as alternatives to the lamp is the incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamp, halogen lamp, do screen the alternative is to do DLP, substitute OLED backlight, landscape lighting and do well is a sign in the competition and neon. However, for cross-border rivals, we almost can not identify. Such as millet, such as WeChat, such as SF, etc.. This comes from cross-border rivals, so many companies often impossible to guard against, even defenseless. The enterprise can make good use of their own advantages, to create some cannot match or exceed the competitive advantage, which is the foundation of this.

  Technical advantage is the core of the development of LED lighting industry. By improving the technical strength for development is the right path, only by improving the technical strength, in order to reduce the cost while ensuring the quality of products, and the occupation of the terminal market to the formation of brand, talent shows itself in many enterprises. In addition to enhance the technology of enterprises at the same time to give themselves a reasonable position, not only to see the prospects for the development of LED lighting, while ignoring the existence of various types of threats LED lighting market. Focus on the advantages, whether it is mergers and acquisitions, mergers or acquisitions, must have a unique advantage in the future will continue to upgrade the initiative in the competition.