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Expert weapon LED industry development

  Recently, as China's first large-scale application of LED (light emitting diode) lights on the ground by the highway project construction company successfully completed, the application field of Chinese LED industry thus obtained to further expand and upgrade at the same time, the industry development, production enterprises related to how to realize the new expansion, as the domestic LED production of Guangdong Province under the a step to continue to gain market competitive advantage has become the focus of the topic. Experts have to do this weapon, increase the intensity of technical research has become their consistent point of view.

  Chen Yansheng, chairman of the China Lighting Electrical Appliances Association, said that at present, China's total production of LED a lot, but the quality and grade of products is relatively low. LED industry is a capital and technology intensive industries, but now the domestic research and development institutions and enterprises is relatively dispersed, suggested that the entire industry should focus on research, strive for a breakthrough in high brightness white LED. In the field of LED lighting applications, there are a large number of enterprises involved in the development of a number of products, which have strong R & D strength of the enterprise, I hope the country can give greater support.

  Qian Keyuan, deputy director of the Shenzhen Graduate School of semiconductor lighting laboratory, Tsinghua University believes that, at present, the national semiconductor lighting product reliability testing standards and testing system has not been established. Fortunately, the evaluation system of LED industry leading benchmark products launched in Guangdong Province, which has large-scale application and widely acclaimed products of regular testing, the index will represent the highest level of industry products as the basis. In the case of LED reliability testing standards for the time being, the scale of the application of the product as a benchmark, but also to ensure the quality of an effective way.  Enterprises have to do is based on technology research and development, and strive to catch up with the benchmark index set, in the industry to gain the right to speak at the same time have more market space.

  Zhao Jianping, vice president China Architectural Research Institute of building environment and Energy Research Institute said that at present, the domestic LED lighting industry is in the industrial period of the outbreak, wide application prospect, but it is undeniable that there are still a lot of resistance in the LED lighting application and promotion process. Price is the main reason for the current LED industry is difficult to promote a wide range of reasons. In addition, the lack of consumer awareness of LED, that it is not stable, but also to a certain extent, affect the further popularization of LED lighting. Therefore, in order to improve the stability of LED lights, LED enterprises to do is to carry out technical innovation, timely detection and replacement of vulnerable parts, to ensure the normal work of lamps. Of course, not every company can produce LED which can meet the demand of the road lighting products, these enterprises must possess high-tech level and certain financial strength, especially the innovation of LED future development will focus on product innovation and design ideas, need more technical and financial support.

  When it comes to the development prospect and key industry of Guangdong province LED, deputy director of Guangdong provincial science and Technology Department of Ye Jing said, after several years of rapid development, LED of Guangdong province reached 85 billion 300 million yuan output value, output value and yield accounting for about 70% of the country, the scale of the industry accounted for about 50% of the country. At present, Guangdong province has introduced in the next few years the LED industry development goals: by 2012, the scale of LED industry reached 120 billion yuan, the formation of the annual output value of more than billion yuan of industrial clusters, foster the output value of 1 billion yuan more than 20 enterprises; in 2015, LED industrial scale exceeded 300 billion yuan, the production base of the completion of the global LED application package the center and the largest products. To achieve this goal, Guangdong province science and technology department through new technologies to strengthen the research of key technology of LED core, and high standard construction of Guangdong semiconductor lighting industrial technology research institute, the integration of innovative resources, and adopt the “energy management contract + + financial supply chain management” business model, to further enhance the level of industrial technology in Guangdong province LED to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. In addition, Guangdong province is planning to promote industrial chain collaboration and innovation, the government will build a platform for all aspects of the industry chain together to form an effective interaction between government, industry and enterprises, to maximize the promotion of popularization and application of the development of LED industry and lighting products.