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LED lamps should be how to maintain?

  LED lamp life is not only related to the quality of lamps and lanterns, but also related to the maintenance of lamps and lanterns. LED lamp maintenance need to pay attention to a few points:

  1、 switch in the use of lamps, try not to frequent, although the number of LED light switch resistance is about 18 times the ordinary fluorescent lamp, but too frequently will affect the life of the LED lamp internal electronic components, thus affecting the service life of the lamp.

  2、 special attention should be paid, in addition to special LED lamps, ordinary LED lamps should avoid the use of wet environment. , the humidity environment will affect the LED lamp driving power supply of electronic components, electronic components damp, shorten the lamp life

  3、 moisture is the key to the maintenance of lighting, in particular, bathrooms, bathrooms, LED lights and kitchen stove headlights, to install moisture-proof lampshade to prevent moisture intrusion, to avoid rust damage or leakage short circuit

  Four, LED light is best not to wash, as long as the water dry cloth to wipe, if accidentally hit the water to dry, should not turn on the lights after immediately with a damp cloth to wipe.