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LED floodlight, LED mining lamp, LED lighting lamp, UFO mining lamp make energy saving more "small".

China is a major producer and consumer of lighting products, and lighting electricity accounts for about 13 percent of the electricity consumption in the whole society. Along with the progress of the society, people's energy saving consciousness also more and more is also high, LED energy-saving lamps get the favour of broad consumer, include LED floodlight, LED mining lamp, project-light lamp, LED lamp factory, and many other species.

Compared with the traditional lighting lamps and lanterns, they all have high safety coefficient, low calorific value, less power consumption, long life, good color, fast response, no flash frequency, it does not hurt the eye, product lightweight etc. If we replace the 1.4 billion incandescent bulbs in our country with LED lighting, LED floodlights, LED mining lamps, LED factory lights, and UFO mining lamps, we can save 48 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity every year.

Some experts say that LED, as a strategic emerging industry which is racing to develop globally, has become a new engine for industrial transformation and upgrading and energy conservation and emission reduction in China's crisis era.

With the improving of the LED technology, and the cost is falling and LED project-light lamp, LED floodlight, LED mining lamp, LED lamp factory, etc. In the urban landscape lighting, decorative lighting and small size in the field of backlight application has entered the mature period; In the medium and large scale backlight field, large-screen display area has entered into the rapid development of growth; General lighting products will enter into high - speed development in the long term.

Under the huge market prospects, the merchants flocked Led energy-saving lamps market, strive for, also make the industry presents the good and evil people mixed up, the advantages and disadvantages coexist, make consumers suffer. In this case, consumers are starting to stay away from the miscellaneous CARDS, and directly target the brand name products of the regular enterprises. For a moment, the domestic led lighting market brands are two heavy days.